Tuesday, June 30, 2009

AL HIJAMAH/BERBEKAM - English Version Part 2


In a number of medical systems, from Greek to Malay traditional medicine, illness believed to be caused by harmful and dirty blood must be treated by taken out the dirty blood. Under this influence, people believed that wherever part of the body, from head to toe, become ill, hijamah can be used as the right measure for treatment. Therefore, if we wish to know the history of treatment of disease in the light of al-Tibb al-Nabawi, we must study hijamah because it was widely practiced by the Prophet (PBUH/SAW) and his companions and this method of healing is still alive in many Muslim countries.

We were told that the Prophet (PBUH/SAW) and his companions always had practiced al-hijamah in several occasions from the time he was at home to the time that he was in the state of Ihram. It is very regrettable that we do not have very clear rational explanation why cupping was so popular in the time of Prophet, but one fact is nevertheless clear that hijamah is very easy to practice, just using a jar or a similar material. A jar is attached to the skin surface, so that the dirty blood, air, toxic and other harmful substance flow to the surface of the skin. Then, harmful substance may remove from the body. Secondly, it is because the dwellers of the Arabian peninsular and countries of hot climate are the most suitable people to be cupped. This is because the blood of people who dwell in that region is thinner (raqiq) and is drawn closer to the surface of the skin (tamil ila zahir al-abdan).

As we expected, many ahadith would be recorded in Kitab al-Tibb of Sahih Bukhari. They were recorded from chapter eleven to chapter fifteen of kitab al-tibb. One of these five chapters is Bab al-Hijamah min al-Da’ (cupping as a treatment for disease). In this chapter, Imam Bukhari mentioned that Jabir bin ‘Abdullah narrated that he visited al-Muqanna while he was illness. Jabir said, “I will not leave till he gets cupped, for I heard Allah’s Apostle saying, “There is healing in cupping.” Secondlt, Imam Bukhari reported that Allah’s Apostle was cupped on the middle of his head at Lahy Jamal on his way to Mecca while he was in a state of Ihram. Thirdly, Imam Bukhari reported that: “Allah’s Apostle was cupped on his head. Lastly, al-Bukhari reported that the Prophet commanded the cupping to be used and said: “There are no remedies comparable to cupping and blood letting”.

to be continued....

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